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Kraut-faux: A Post Krautrock Playlist

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While it may have been largely ignored at the time outside of West Germany itself - blame a mixture of conservatism, both musicial and political, and a dash of good old-fashioned xenophobia - during the 1970s, the loose movement of exciting, innovative and experimental rock and early electronic acts that would eventually be christened 'Krautrock' has now become enshrined as one of the most creatively fertile and inspiration musical scenes in pop and rock history. From the precision of Neu!, the jams and studio edits of Can and Faust, the sprawl of Amon Duul II and Werner Hezrog faves Popol Vuh to the pristine electronic ambiance of Tangerine Dream (oh yeah, and some band called Kraftwerk or something...), the future of music was mapped out in myriad different, exciting ways.

As such, it's unsurprising that the sounds first conjured during this era remain touchstones to this day, both for music fans and critics and for musicians themselves, who find with the records of the era a road map to whole new dimensions. In honour of the continuing influence of Krautrock and the many remarkable acts it has inspired, Endless Window presents a brief introductory mix into the sounds that came from future generations who, in their way, saught to carry the Krautrock flame. Be it the reverence of Stereolab, the propulsive beats of Factory Floor, the Kraut-pop of The Horrors, the otherworldly chaos of Boredoms or the unexpected tributes by Wilco and Charlotte Gainsbourg, this mix aims to shine a light onto the enormous wealth of music that honours and furthers the Krautrock spirit.


1) The Horrors - Mirror's Image
2) Charlotte Gainsbourg - IRM
3) Mordant Music - Navigation Error
4) Boredoms - (two circles)
5) Zun Zun Egui - Cowboy
6) Mouse On Mars - Kowboy
7) Seefeel - Plainsong
8) Disco Inferno - Technicolour
9) Julian Cope - If You Loved Me At All
10) Warm Digits - Trans-Pennine Express
11) Tortoise - Five Too Many
12) Primal Scream - Autobahn 66
13) Factory Floor - Two Different Ways
14) Spectrum - (I Love You) To The Moon & Back
15) Suuns - Organ Blues
16) Moonshake - Tar Baby
17) The Fall - I Am Damo Suzuki
18) Broadcast - Small Song IV
19) Wilco - Spiders (Kidsmoke)
20) Stereolab - Harmonium

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