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Acrobatic Society - Kick Me, I'm Down

Posted on Tuesday, 5 February 2013 | No Comments

Acrobatic who? Well, keep quiet and pay attention...

Having been in and out of the north-east music scene for several years with varying line-ups, in the last two years Acrobatic Society have become a stable five-piece with a reputation as a live juggernaut, tearing into ambitious and ferocious noise-rock jams that run the gamut from sharp post-punk paranoia to epic Daydream Nation panoramas. Thus far, their only recorded output has been the Meat Meets Meat EP, a collection of very worthy and energetic material marred by some underpowered production.

With their new EP Kick Me, I'm Down though, they now have a document that comes close to bringing across the sheer force and dynamism of their current live set. Due out on Tiny Lights Recordings on 4th March, this new six song release collects some of their best writing to date with exponentially clearer production than before, whilst also expanding the range and sound of the band in interesting ways.
Opening track and free download Deek It! opens with a twisted guitar line jumping around the speakers, a mere harbinger of the chaos that happens when the full band kicks in. It's a perfect summation of the Acrobatic Society sound: unexpected and surprising guitar and violin lines weaving around a thunderous, grooving rhythm section, threatening at any moment to fall apart but holding together to conjure up some serious apocalyptic anthems.

The real heart of the EP lies in the closing duo of Surgical and Death Industries. It's when the band stretch out and let their natural chemistry do the heavy lifting that they really achieve lift-off, and for these eleven minutes they show off all their best tricks - dystopian lyricism, unorthodox scales and harmonies, racing surges of tempo and noise - to dazzling effect. Kick Me, I'm Down also showcases other sides of the band not found in their live act in the crystalline guitar instrumental Pink and the dark electronic ambience of Only Cholesterol Can Break Your Heart. 

Whether you're a long-time follower or have only just heard the name, Kick Me, I'm Down sets out the Acrobatic Society stall with style and verve for twenty-five minutes and left this reviewer desperate to hear where they go next. The EP is up for streaming now at the Tiny Lights bandcamp, and also available for pre-order. If you're in Newcastle, make sure to catch their EP launch gig on Friday 8th March at the New Bridge Project with support from hot new post-punk act Yellow Creatures, York's scrappy college rock revivalists Fawn Spots and the brilliant O'Messy Life to get the full picture.

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