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To celebrate the seventieth birthday of Noel Scott Engel - the enigmatic teen idol turned avant-pop cult hero known better known as Scott Walker - I've prepared two playlists dedicated to his work, both about the length of a fully-used CD-R, to help any newcomers start their journey through this most unusual of discographies.

The first, 'SCOTT', concerns his classic work from his time with The Walker Brothers to the four classic solo albums he recorded in the late 1960s, also included one or two rarer tracks from the period (such as b-side The Plague and tracks from his flawed but still intriguing - and currently out of print -  1970 offering 'Til The Band Comes In).There's some old-school pop crooning from the Bacharach songbook, a few pieces from Scott's beloved Jacques Brel and, naturally, plenty of material from the astonishingly precocious output of Scott himself.

On the second, 'WALKER', we plunge into the increasingly abstract and singular work he produced following his return to songwriting on the final album from the reformed The Walker Brothers, 1978's Nite Flights to the sporadic but stunning solo work he's embarked on since, right up to recent opus Bish Bosch. This playlist showcases sounds far more difficult and challenging than this early work, but in incorporating the developments of modernist poetry, contemporary composition and in-depth historical and cultural research, here you can get a taste of what has become one of the most complex, intricate and incomparable songwriting styles of all time.

These two playlists showcase two very different sides to the man, but it's the remarkable achievements of both sides of his output that have made him such an icon into the present day.

Click below for tracklistings and Spotify links.


Listen to 'SCOTT'
  1. Jackie
  2. Make It Easy On Yourself
  3. On Your Own Again
  4. Montague Terrace (In Blue)
  5. Rosemary
  6. Mrs. Murphy
  7. Black Sheep Boy
  8. Next
  9. It's Raining Today
  10. The War Is Over
  11. Angels Of Ashes
  12. The Plague
  13. My Death
  14. Boy Child
  15. The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore
  16. The Girls From The Streets
  17. Orpheus
  18. Always Coming Back To You
  19. If You Go Away
  20. 'Til The Band Comes In
  21. 30th Century Man
  22. Amsterdam
  23. Rhymes Of Goodbye

Listen to 'WALKER'
  1. Farmer In The City
  2. Nite Flights
  3. Cossacks Are
  4. Psoriatic
  5. Epizootics!
  6. Dimple
  7. The Cockfighter
  8. Jesse
  9. Phrasing
  10. The Electrician
  11. Track Three
  12. Sleepwalker's Woman
  13. Tilt
  14. Rosary

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